Triton is a true partner.
They saved us 25% on our healthcare insurance premium
and have held that rate for several years.

Dr. Alan Goldsmith, Jewish Renaissance Medical Center

Case Study #2: Jewish Renaissance Medical Center

Jewish Renaissance Medical Center was receiving employee benefits and HR support from a vendor that wasn’t managing their health insurance costs or leveraging any HR technology.  They were spending too much and getting too little.

We took over all aspects of Jewish Renaissance’s HR and benefits administration, including managing open enrollment and providing in-person HR support. We implemented a more cost-effective medical insurance plan while improving coverage, and transitioned them to an ADP platform, configured and managed by Triton, tying benefits and HR together for seamless integration.

In year one, they saved over $140,000 in medical insurance costs. While some brokers will decrease costs in the first year and then incur a substantial increase in year two, Triton utilized both ADP and carrier data to ensure that their premiums for the following years remained stable.

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