Triton went above and beyond for us.
They gave us better options, better rates, and are a pleasure to work with.

Sandy Grant, HR Manager, Puracap Pharmaceuticals


Case Study #3: Puracap Pharmaceuticals

Puracap Pharmaceuticals was looking for a new comprehensive HR solution and needed a professional re-examination of their benefits

Puracap Pharmaceuticals engaged Triton, and we implemented a HR and payroll platform, provided by ADP®. Triton assisted in preparing the platform, managing the implementation, making it seamless for Puracap to transition.

At the same time, Triton analyzed Puracap’s employee benefits and determined that they were overpaying for their group medical insurance. Triton switched Puracap to a new insurance carrier and different funding mechanism, making them eligible for money back at the end of the year with no risk. Triton oversaw and managed open enrollment for over 100 employees at three separate offices in three different states. Between in-person and call center support, we ensured that Puracap and their employees were covered.

Immediately, Puracap benefited from dramatically reduced rates with better coverage, including a wellness program that rewarded employees who availed themselves of it. By providing and actively managing payroll, HR and benefits, Triton utilizes robust data to provide the best strategy to manage ongoing costs.  

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