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Help your employees effectively manage their financial future with retirement plans such as 401(k), Simple IRA or Roth IRA. Not only will these retirement plans assist your employees in meeting their financial goals but they will also help your company attract key talent and keep you competitive in the marketplace.

Triton HR combines industry expertise with cutting-edge technology to create a full-service retirement solution that is easy to administer and offers substantial benefits over traditional retirement plans. The retirement plan system frees plan sponsors from the manual processing and paperwork associated with traditional retirement services. Further, it provides participants with an easy-to-use retirement solutions platform that allows them to effectively manage their financial future.

With your retirement plan, employees have full online access and transaction capability at their convenience through the participant portal. This dynamic tool serves up easy access to the most visited areas of your retirement plan’s site. It’s just one more way Triton HR helps your participants compare the benefits over traditional retirement plans and helps with the important goal of building retirement wealth over time. Twenty-four-hour toll-free retirement service access is also available for participants who prefer to use the telephone to discuss their retirement solutions or who have limited Internet access.


  • 24/7 account access via the Internet or Voice Response System
  • Online retirement solutions enrollment with automatic rebalancing, direct access to Morningstar, and fund prospectus
  • Retirement plan Highlights and Summary Plan Description on demand
  • Real-time retirement services exchanges along with transactional and contribution history
  • Retirement Solutions Financial Advisor contact information
  • Daily personalized retirement plan rate of return
  • Online loan, rollover, and retirement plan distribution requests
  • Downloadable retirement plan statements with customized date ranges
To receive more information and a FREE quote, please fill out our request form. A Triton HR representative will contact you within one business day. If you have an immediate need, please call us at 1-877-OKTRITON.

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