Workers’ Compensation

With a policy in place, you are protecting your business and employees.


Triton Benefits, a licensed and bonded insurance agency, offers a complete spectrum of benefit procurement solutions, Workers’ Compensation and Triton Benefits Employers Liability Insurance Policies. Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Policies are used to provide insurance coverage for a company’s statutory liability under a Workers Compensation Act. Workers’ Compensation insurance protects the employer and employees by providing medical, disability, and wage benefits for employees injured on the job. Employers Liability Insurance Policies from Triton Benefits’ licensed and bonded insurance agency, protect against lawsuits from injured workers that fall outside of the Workers’ Compensation Acts.

Workers’ compensation law is a compromise between business and labor, a compromise that has benefits for both. The system provides workers with prompt medical, disability, and wage benefits. It sets standards for employer liability and requires financial reserves for such liability, thus cushioning the economic impact of worker injury and illness for the employer. It delivers no-fault benefits, at least theoretically, allowing for a straightforward administrative and litigation-free system. Triton Benefits’ licensed and bonded insurance agency and Triton Benefits brokers can provide information about workers compensation regulations that may apply to your business.

Workers’ compensation is regulated at the state level. Except for federal employees and certain maritime and railroad workers, there is no national system for compensating people injured on the job. State laws define the types of injuries that are compensable, set the levels of cash benefits, establish waiting periods before benefits begin, and detail procedures for filing, contesting, and settling claims. While there are many common elements regarding coverage, benefits, and administration, each state has its own system of insurance to cover employee claims arising from occupational injury and illness. A Triton Benefits licensed insurance broker can provide more information about your state’s workers’ compensation requirements and Triton Benefits Employers Liability Insurance Policies.

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