Technology Integration

Technology integration is incredibly important to every enterprise, but businesses all want something different from their technology. A recent survey shed some light on what enterprises are looking for from HR platforms.

According to a report from Software Advice out of 385 potential HR software buyers, a majority requested their HR application to have:

  • Web-based Deployment Model (77%)
  • Applicant Tracking System (40%)
  • Time & Attendance System (20%)
  • Performance Reviews (11%)

Why businesses are buying HR software

Every company has its reasons for purchasing new tools. Among first-time buyers, improving efficiency and accuracy with its files are the most common motivations, the news source indicates. The desire to go digital and automate systems are the second most popular answer among respondents.

Meanwhile, businesses that already have HR software have very different reasons. These organizations stated that they have systems that lack specific functions and want to correct that situation. Additionally, some legacy tools are too difficult to use, so firms want to find simpler options.

Everyone’s going online

Finally, the most telling statistic involves the rate of respondents who want online software. The poll shows that 77 percent of companies prefer Web-based platforms to other versions. A mere 3 percent want traditional software, and the rest are undecided on the issue.

This is part of a larger trend of businesses preferring the cloud over siloed systems that are only accessible in their offices. By moving to online channels, companies can enable greater access to their HR data, making it easier for the department and staff to create, edit and maintain various documents.

What this means for the industry

The survey has shed some light on what organizations want from HR software and why. On the whole, the findings are pretty clear in that small to mid-sized groups of respondents want very specific things for certain reasons. Should this continue, it would seem that more and more businesses will buy Web-based programs for workforce management as long as those systems are efficient, accurate and are quick to implement. In the end, this type of web-based software may be the best option for almost every enterprise.

Why Triton HR’s Integrated Technology Works

The human resources, payroll and employee benefits information stored within the HRMS application connects all the dots in terms managing and reporting on your employees and organization. When technology can easily go from job posting to automatic notification to your COBRA compliance team upon employee termination, you know it’s powerful and responsive.

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